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Fayetteville, NC


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My name is Chrissy I’m 30 and I fall in the coverage gap. Now if I hadn’t shared that information with you how would you know? How could you tell?


I live in Fayetteville North Carolina where everyday people in my community are struggling all while doing their best to live comfortably. We really roll the dice on paying a bill or paying for medicine. Do we take the job that pays well and risk losing coverage, which then has a ripple effect on our day-to-day lives. Or do we not take the job to keep our coverage, which will also have an affect on our day-to-day lives?


These are choices many of us face on a regular basis, which is why I was honored to be a part of this project with Steve and Rebecca. I was able to go out and capture every day people living comfortable with the struggle.

“My name is Lindsay and I fall in the coverage gap.


On a Saturday night at a gathering with friends I suddenly became ill, I no longer had the desire to socialize. Rather than seeking street drugs all I could think was to ask someone for ibuprofen to relieve the pain I was in. I have liver disease. I had dialysis at six in the morning so I assumed I would be well rested later that night and ready to hang out with my friends but I wasn’t. I wasn’t embarrassed that I didn’t have the desire to party. I was bothered that I had to ask a stranger for over-the-counter pain medicine because I simply could not afford my medication.”

Photography by Chrissy Burke
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