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Fayetteville, NC


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A Poem

It hasn’t been yet with so many lives being lost choking in broad daylight and murders going on.


Can we just come together and build as one.


How about stopping the choice between what I eat or medication not be a choice at all.


Is there a way we can build instead of tearing each other down. Not fearing for our life because our skin is brown. Oh no not just brown, tan, white any race falls short of the medical aid that North Carolina lacks.


Fighting for what’s right I wanna see with my own eyes but the way things are looking not going to happen we’re dropping like flies.


From Covid to being shot in the back or simply affording the medication that we lack.


Death you see it has no age but I could have gotten help if I had medicaid.

Excuse Mr. Senate can you tell me where my tax dollars go, how about that couple of billion just sitting in furlough.


We see changes but not for us! When we speak or stand up you simply arrest us.


Hear our voice hear our pleas we want to live why can’t you see.


Come out of your office and talk to us. We want to be heard. It truly is a must.


Your in unreachable unrealistic position making decisions with careless thoughts and no precision.


So many lives lost to different things Covid 19 and lack of medical aid.


As you get ready to sign or vote for a bill please ask yourself will this bill cause a loved one to be killed.


We just want you to see us as a human race. A mom, aunt, son, sister, friend had names.

- Tarsha Gunn

Photography by Tarsha Gunn
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